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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Filth Covered Needles

A couple good reviews have posted on the internet over the last couple of months. I figured I'd take some of my favorite excerpts from them to inform anyone who hasn't heard the records yet to what it sounds like via words.

Andrew over at Grind and Punishment blog had the most recent things to say - review link
"The 7-inch's sleeve claims there are six separate songs on offering here, but that's like trying to count individual warheads when you're being clusterbombed."

Alex, all the way over in the Netherlands at had these wonderful words of observation about the sound of the record - review link
"When listening to the Cogs and Sprockets half I thought there was dust on my needle, and kept trying to clean it in vain, going so far to think I had to order a new needle for my turn table, it took far longer than I would like to admit to realize that gritty clamor was just the burly production values."

Grind To Death also did a lengthy interview with Andres Wade, of Cogs and Sprockets. Read that bad boy here


Top 5 Listens This Week:
1. Demigod
2. Maggoty Corpse
3. Spazz
4. Church Whip
5. Raw Power

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Humiliation and Judgement

Pick up an issue of December's MRR Issure #355. It has the latest review of the Cogs/GH split in it. For those who don't believe in paper.


Top 5 Listens This Week:
1. Sweet Tooth
2. The Spits
3. Ripcord
4. Born Bad
5. Acephalix

Monday, November 5, 2012


A friend and local  Jacksonville. Florida distro, PRIMAL VOMIT RECORDS is now carrying 3 copies of the GOD HARVEST/COGS AND SPROCKETS Split. Check out his blog for his amazingly-daunting collection for sale.


Top 5 Listens this week:
1. Die Kreuzen
2. Demigod
3. Ripcord
4. Unholy Grave
5. Immolation

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Humiliation and Teasing

Recently we've been receiving some kind words about the 7" split on Disorderly Conduct

Here's what they had to say:
"This is a split containing two killer and equally different grind-oriented outfits. On one side we have Cogs and Sprockets which I've been somewhat familiar with for about a year or so. They deliver a blistering grind barrage with a very primitive sound and vocals that range from a sort of goregrind style to high screams that  often overlap. The songs are short and the shit is fast, what more could you want. God Harvest's side leans more toward that of the grind-tinged pissed-off hardcore variety and it's definitely something I can sink my teeth into. " 

Read more here

Also, we're planning for the first international release early next year. No particular names to "drop" yet, but we'll be announcing something in the new year for sure.

God Harvest Shows Coming up!!!


Top 5 Listens This Week:
1. Broken Bones
2. Church Whip
3. Immolation
4. Crossed Out
5. Amputory

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steams of Piss and Aural Filth

Cvlt Nation has posted a review of the God Harvest/Cogs and Sprockets Split and uploaded the split for full stream here. Cvlt Nation has also included GH on their mix tape featuring a certain Tampa's grueling D-beat thrillers, Church Whip.

Mix Tape Link - Here

Top 5 Listens this week:
5. Entrails 
4. Disma 
3. Father Befouled 
2. Incantation 
1. Knuckle Head


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shipping Cost Dropped in Store

Like an idiot I priced the domestic shipping too high. It was originally $4. It is NOW $2.50. Enjoy the health care and lower shipping cost. Let the 1% prevail!

Link- Store/Proof